Sunday, December 16, 2018
Association is Looking for Bathroom Tiles
Are you renovating your bathroom and have the original tan square floor tiles?  The Association is looking for original bathroom floor and cove tiles so we can repair existing units.  If you are renovating your bathroom, please contact, (609) 275-7353, and we will compensate you for any tiles that can be recovered in good condition.
Advisory - Water Leaks
Help protect your home from water damage

An undetected water leak can cause a lot of damage before it is discovered, and take a big bite out of your wallet. Prevent damage and save money with a Water Leak Detector Alarm. These units detect water leaks from plumbing & appliances and sound an alarm when a leak is detected. Some models can also be used to discover and locate mold that is caused by a buildup of moisture.

These units can be purchased at most home supply stores.
The Home Depot

Some devices, such as the Xircon model# 68882, can sound an alarm and connect via your WiFi to send alerts to your mobile device.
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Welcome to
Welcome to the Ravens Crest East at Princeton Meadows Condominium Association website. This website is here to serve the membership of the Ravens Crest East at Princeton Meadows Condominium Association of Plainsboro, NJ.  Please note that there are MEMBER ONLY features that require owners to register.  Please register today so you can use the Forums, see additional financial documents, etc.

If you are looking for "The Crest" Apartments, located next to Ravens Crest East Condominiums, please see the apartment's website.

Required Tree Removal
  The emerald ash borer beetle has wreaked havoc in more than 25 states and parts of Canada, causing billions of dollars in damage, and it has now reached Plainsboro and Ravens Crest East. Unfortunately, it takes two to four years for signs of EAB infestation to manifest, and we now see the results with dead or dying ash trees throughout the community (similar to the one in the photo).

  Our landscape architect advised that our trees are infested and must be removed to prevent spread. Also, the dead trees are now considered safety hazards as they are weakened and could fall during a storm.

  Removal of mature trees is seldom desired, but the Association had to consider the consequences of not doing so, and chose to proceed with removing them. This work started this week.
Landscaping and Irrigation Improvements Project

Landscaping and Irrigation Improvements
Work Schedule

This Spring, work work will resume on the Landscaping and Irrigation Improvements project
at buildings 5000 through 5300, and continue to the backs of buildings 100 through 1000. 

 To-date, grounds improvements have been completed for the fronts of buildings 100 through 2400; 
and 4700 through 4900; with new irrigation lines and heads installed for these zones.

New Tot Lot is Open
Groundwork was started for the new tot lot, with the removal of the old playground equipment, on June 4th, 2013. 

The installation of the new play equipment, and exercise stations, was completed on July 11; and the new aluminum fence was completed on July 16. The new equipment was installed with playground mulch on the ground and foam mats under the swings and slides, ensuring that all safety standards have been met.

Enjoy your new playground. Have fun! 
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Condos for Rent
2 BR 2 Bath on Ground Floor
Newly Renovated

1 BR 1 Bath on Ground Floor

Pool, tennis, walking trails

Minutes to Princeton Junction train station
and bus to NYC 
Absolutely no pets 
Call Management office 
Pet Etiquette
Etiquette for Dog Owners

As pet owners, we have a responsibility to manage our pets and ensure good behavior in public. Gentle, pain-free methods are essential to training dogs and helping them bond with their owners. Being gentle, though, doesn’t mean allowing or sugar-coating bad manners (“He’s so excited to see you!” “She doesn’t know her own strength”). Cultivating appropriate behavior in our dogs paves the way for pleasant relations and peaceful coexistence among dog owners and non-owners alike. Read on!
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