Monday, June 17, 2024
Ravens Crest East has two full-time maintenance personnel, Scott and Victor, who report directly to Tom Boland and Lynn Koehl. These two gentlemen handle the general maintenance tasks and repairs that do not require hiring an outside contractor.  
Scott Batey

Scott Batey is the Maintenance Supervisor at Ravens Crest East, and has been with us since 2004. He is the founder and owner of S & J Maintenance Services. He has two assistants and they are responsible for the repair, upkeep, and cleaning of the buildings, parking lots, and other common areas.

When Scott is not hard at work at Ravens Crest East, he enjoys going to the beach, watching football, and riding his Harley-Davidson motorcycle.


Victor Santana
 Victor is an employee of S & J Maintenance Services, and started at Ravens Crest East in November 2013.

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