Monday, June 08, 2009
HVAC Filter Replacement
By Sue Cunningham @ 12:57 PM :: 7757 Views :: 0 Comments :: Article Rating

We have noticed that many people do not change their HVAC filter regularly, and in some cases, are not even aware that they need regular changing.   Regularly changing your HVAC filter not only improves your indoor air quality, but also help keep your furnace equipment clean, while protecting your furnace and air conditioning system.

If you are using a high quality filter, such as a 3M Filtrete, the recommended change interval is three months.  However, the effectiveness and life of the filter can vary and will depend on the individual conditions in your home.  Unusually dirty duct work, construction work, furniture or drywall sanding, pets, the presence of smokers and running the fan continously are some of the things that can shorten the life of your filter.  In these cases, change the filter more frequently.

Unless you've made modifications to your HVAC system, the filter is located in the furnace itself, which is in your utility closet, located either on your deck or patio, breezeway, or loft closet.  If you are unsure of where it is or how to replace it, please call us at (609) 275-7353.